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Polarization Camera Discovers More Hidden Properties


DAHENG IMAGING's first polarization camera with Sony IMX250MZR monochrome is now sampling. A polarization system can provide more information that cannot be obtained by standard visible spectral cameras. Polarization has two physical information, which are the degree of polarization and the direction of polarization. This information is especially good for inspecting highlight scratches, holes on a flat surface or recognizing in low contrast conditions.


Sony IMX250MZR incorporates a nanowire polarizer filter and can capture four directional polarization images in one shot. The polarizer filters on the camera sensor is a 2x2 pattern, with each pixel having a nanowire polarizer filter with a different angle (90, 45, 135, 0). For polarized light, only the portion of the light vector perpendicular to the angle of the nanowire filter grid passes.


Compared with conventional polarization sensors, the polarizer is attached on top of the on-chip lens layer, however , the polarizer of IMX250MZR sensor is formed beneath the on-chip lens layer. A shorter distance between the polarizer and the photodiode improves the extinction ratio and the incident angle dependence.


Performance Specifications of Polarization Camera


*Resulting image of each single polarizing angle is 1224(H)x1024(V) (original width/2 and original height/2).

Examples(from Sony)



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